Our Quality

Quality Policy: 

“Tramco Coaches is commited to maximise customer satisfaction by manufacturing quality products” 

Quality Management: 

Tramco Coaches Pvt. Ltd. is quite aware of the modern day’s global demands with respect to systems standardisation. It has an elaborate quality assurance system in place. However, today's demands are not just in terms of quality of products but relate also to back up and developmental services provided by a vendor. 

In tune with this perception, Tramco Coaches Pvt. Ltd. has establish a quality system based upon the ISO 9000 series of standards. A department is presently in the process of being set up exclusively to look into the pecuniary needs of the company.

Quality Objective: 

Tramco Coaches Pvt. Ltd. aspires to provide its clients with a wide range of indigenously developed quality products for the Industries its serving - comparable to the best available alternatives in the world. 

It aspires to continue with its Quality Control activities and fine tune the quality control processes specifically required by our standards. 

In order to accomplish this, the Company has set the following objectives: 

Detect and prevent non - conformance during manufacturing & implement the means to prevent its re-occurrence. 
Upgrade technology and improve techniques, systems & procedures and to carry innovations to meet the customers’ changing needs. 
Develop highly motivated and skilled human resources imbued with a strong sense of values and commitment to quality. 
Create a healthy working environment for the employees. 
Discharge responsibilities to various sections of the society and preserve the environment 

Awards and Achievements